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Our planning makes your business sail

If there’s one thing we believe in at Safina, then it’s planning: we never just turn up at the last minute because we plan in advance and our systems are tried and tested. But when a ship arrives in Egyptian waters without prior warning and needs urgent attention or specific services, then our attention to detail and pre-planning means we can swing into action even before they have berthed.

We can provide ship agency and maritime logistics services across all Egyptian ports - Alexandria Port, El-Dekheila Port, Damietta Port, Port Said Port, East Port Said Port, Arish Port, Suez Port, Petroleum Dock Port, Adabiya Port, and Sokhna Port. We have been doing this for decades; we understand what it takes to keep our customers moving: we can arrange berths in your port of choice, handle your documentation, clear your vessel with the necessary paperwork and certifications with port and other authorities, as well as releasing or receiving your cargo. It might be standard practice to some but to do it properly you need planning.

As an important division of IACC Holdings we are leaders in container traffic, breakbulk and bulk cargo, inland transportation and warehousing. As a comprehensive network covering Egyptian ports, we have the capabilities to move cargo of every type accurately and safely and provide additional services through our sister companies. It takes knowledge and experience to handle project cargo. Much of it is bulky, large-scale and often awkward to handle. To us at Safina it is simply another job because we have the right people and equipment to tackle these sorts of movements. To achieve this it should start with the right pre-planning.

We regard our customers as partners, so the earlier we talk with them, the better we believe our service is and that starts with the planning process - asking the right questions, taking correct measurements, discussing special considerations and offering the right technical advice. We can advise on dimensional and weight restrictions, the right documentation, duties and local taxes. It’s a service in more than just name.

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