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  • COVID-19 Announcement

    Safina Shipping Services team would like to share its latest updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak which was recently labeled as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Various international and local authorities have placed restrictions to contain the spread of infection. Safina is proactively placing additional precautionary health and safety measures to assure (1) safety of its people, customers, suppliers and stakeholders as well as (2) ensuring business continuity and robust supply chains.

  • Safina supporting upper Egypt projects

    Safina is Egypt’s leading shipping agency services and with a presence in every port in Egypt our regional coverage offers bunkering services, cargo-handling and stevedoring support for visiting ships. But this is only a part of our comprehensive cargo, logistics and shipping operations. As a division of IACC Holdings, our parent group, we have the resources to call on to provide a range of services that expand the Safina capabilities across a range of projects.

  • We all have a duty to work for each other

    There is business and there is the environment and they can exist together with the right care and attention paid. At Safina we are passionate about the work we do but we also understand we have a need to be considerate when it comes to the oceans. This is why we are supporting the Prosea marine initiatives that are working hard to make the oceans cleaner and safer for everyone.

  • Nothing works better than experience

    Having the right people around you in business is vital to ensure you reach your goals. We work with vessels coming from around the globe and we understand it takes more than a few words to keep them happy and ready to sail.

  • Tracing a clear course for our customers

    We are open, honest and transparent. It’s the sort of thing most businesses say and it a clear message to customers to say “you can trust us.” Well we have taken that whole process a step further by becoming a certified organisation having completed a comprehensive due diligence process administered by TRACE, the world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organization.

  • Taking health and safety very seriously

    No matter what task we complete for a customer, the one thing we always ensure is that the health and safety aspects of our business are paramount. We have been certified to OHSAS 18001 which is a standard for occupational health and safety management systems that enables organisations to demonstrate that they have a system in place for occupational health and safety. For us it shows our customers that we take these issues seriously.

  • Our planning makes your business sail

    If there’s one thing we believe in at Safina, then it’s planning: we never just turn up at the last minute because we plan in advance and our systems are tried and tested. But when a ship arrives in Egyptian waters without prior warning and needs urgent attention or specific services, then our attention to detail and pre-planning means we can swing into action even before they have berthed.

  • Coffee morning in April: Congratulations to all the winners

    This week’s coffee morning was extremely insightful and we were delighted to announce our Q1 2019 champions, congratulations to all the winners we are proud of you.

  • Safina: basing services on customer needs

    This year Safina is part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of IACC Holdings and as one of its four major divisions we are part of a grand commitment to customer service that forms the cornerstone of our business.

  • Size and experience matter

    Safina operates in one of the busiest waterways in the world. The Red Sea is alive with the arrivals and departures of ships from across the globe using the Suez Canal and delivering and collecting cargo from Egyptian ports.

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