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Safina: basing services on customer needs

This year Safina is part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of IACC Holdings and as one of its four major divisions we are part of a grand commitment to customer service that forms the cornerstone of our business. Much of this process comes from talking directly with customers and we gauge the level of our service through feedback from the emails we send out and most importantly, the ones we issue after the completion of every job.

Our services for ships calling at Egyptian ports include dealing with the correct paperwork and forms for customs, visas and transits through the Suez Canal – all matters we deal with on a daily basis. Think of us as a valued local partner and it works: we represent you in the way you want because we understand the mechanics of your business. This is particularly important when it comes to transiting the Suez Canal. Regulations and documentation can be time consuming –but this is second nature to us and we can do it for you.   

Safina Shipping Services has developed a real understanding of what our customers want: our customers want a high quality service, which is where we come in. What sets us apart is that we understand our customers’ needs and can work with them to provide a dependable ship management service to ensure their transit through the region is smooth and productive. Safina has been a part of that world and it has given us a unique insight into the important facets of ship management services. What we offer we know works and works for our customers who come back to us for reliable ship agency services.

There is far more to Safina than class-leading ship agent services. With the power of IACC Holdings we have a range of shipping, warehousing, stevedoring and inland transportation services for every client. We talk often about standards because we want to set ourselves apart from our peers. We say we have vast experience handling all different cargoes including bulk, break bulk, containerized and project cargo - because we have. We also have a commitment to high standards and the judgement on that comes from our returning customers.

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