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Safina delivers the crew

Without them a ship won’t go very far. Forget them and the delays can be expensive. Ignore them and you could be putting to sea on your own! Your crew is the important asset that makes everything you do work at sea. Their welfare and operational input are the most vital elements in ensuring your voyages are realised and productive. This is when you need the help of a reliable, dependable and most importantly, an experienced ship services agency.

Safina has people in every port in Egypt: we are on the ground, in and around the port and always ready to meet and greet visiting ships into Egyptian waters. Until now we have been working away collecting and delivering crew members, assisting masters, owners and operators with every aspect of their ship agency requirements. Now we are launching our new Safina branded crew change vans to tell even more customers about the services we offer in this field.

We have always taken great pride in assisting crew members who begin their next journey from land and often between ports. They need a reliable transport system that offers a seamless transition between the ships they are working on. Safina has been offering that for many years and now we are telling even more people about it thanks to our new branded transport.The collection and delivery of crewrequires a logistical approach and clear communications. We have been providing crew transportation for many years and have also operated our vessels so we know what is needed when it comes to taking crew from ship to port, to medical facilities and also to deal with personal and domestic issues.

Safina can look after all your crew needs from simple embarkations and collections to greeting at airports and arrival centres. Our customer service is second to none and in Egyptian waters we remain the leading ship agency service provider that visiting vessels ask for by name.

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