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Arish Port

Port ID Number (ISPS Code) 085705
Approval Date 16/9/2004
Time Zone GMT +2
ISPS Code Source
Wave code (VHF) 16 13



Long 33 o 49 / E
Lat 31 o 09 / N


Natural Characteristics

Weather Mild
Raining Season Winter
Tidal range and flow 0.15 – 0.65 m
Water Density 1.003 mm / cm3

El-Arish port is the only Mediterranean port at the north of Sinai. Until 1982, it was merely a fishing vessel berth lacking the least of facilities. Since 1987, developments were made to protect the port seawards, and to adapt it for fishing activities as well as cargo traffic and transits, crop exportation and different maritime sports, after executing the port development works.

Total Area 230.000 m.sq
Water Area 180.000 m.sq
Land Area 50.000 m.sq
Total Yards Area 34.000 m.sq

1.2 million tons / year Detailed Data is as follows:

  • General Cargo: 1.2 million tons/year.
  • Max. Ship Size: 8 m. draft-vessels
  • Working Hours: 24 hrs. divided to 3 shifts

Entrance and Exit Strait

270 m. length, 100 m. width, 9-11 m. depth.

Approach Area

An imaginary line from the sea side with 1 nm length linking the edges of the Eastern and North Western Breakwaters


Two senior pilots undertake Pilotage works ,pioltage is compulsory and is undertaken by the port Authourties pilots

Detailed Berths Information

Berth Number Length (m.) Depth(m.) Breadth(m.) Year of Construction Number of Bollards
Dry Bulk
1 242 7-8 10 1984 10
Services and Launches
2 122 3-4 5 1984 5
2 Berth 364 3-8      

Bunkering and Supply

The port is provided with fuel, water and any other requirements.

Security, Safety and Environmental Preservation Properties

  • Medical capabilities
  • Fire Fighting
  • Pollution combating
  • Rescue operations
Address North Sinai Governorate, Abu Sakl.
Telephone (068) 320045
Fax (068) 322431
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