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East Port Said Port

Natural Characteristics

Time Zone GMT +2
Weather Mild
Water Density 1.003 g/cm 3
Raining Season winter
Tidal range and flow 0.7 m.



Long 32 o 21 / E
Lat 31 o 13 / N


East Port Said Port has a distinguished location east of the Northern entrance of the Suez Canal, at the confluence of three continents, and at the crossroad of the most important world sea trade route between the East and the west. The port is bordered from the North by the Mediterranean Sea, from South by the industrial zone, from East by El-Malaha Lake, and from the Western verge of Suez Canal inside the frontiers of Port Said Province.

Total Area 72.10 sq. km (72.100.000 m2)
Water Area 1.5 sq. km (1.500.000 m2)
Land Area 70.6 sq. km (70.600.000 m2)
Total Customs Zone 33.5 sq. km (33.500.000 m2)
Total Yards Area 0.6 sq. km (600.000 m2).
Maximum Port Length 10 km (western port boundary)
Maximum Port Width 8 km (southern boundary)


Maximum Capacity: 6 million ton/year as follows:

  • Berth length : 2.4 Km
    First phase : 1200m + second phase 1200m
  • containerized cargo: 6 million tons
  • Containers: 2.2 million TEUs ,the volume of containers handled after the completion of the second phase reached 5.1 million TEU
  • Ship of depth up to 14.5m is the maximum ship size that can be accommodated.
  • Working Hours: Throughout 24 Hours.

Navigation Channels

Outer Channel 13 km. length, 250m sea bed width , 350m surface and 18.5 m. depth.
Inner Channel 3.8 km. length, 250m sea bed width, 350m surface , and 16.5 m. depth, can be increased to 17.5m.
Turning Circle 715 m. diameter, and 16.5 m. Depth


Approach Area

The approach area of the port is the area of the Suez Canal Authority in the Mediterranean Sea at hectometer (120 m).


All Pilotage services are carried out on behalf of the Suez Canal Authority.


The Suez Canal Authority provides all kinds of towage services.

Berth Number Berth Type Length (m.) Width (m.) Maximum draft Number of Bollards
1 Container 400 35 14.5 19
2 Container 400 35 14.5 19
3 Container 400 35 14.5 19
3 Container 1200 - - -
Fresh Water A desalination terminal of 600m2/day capacity
Sewage terminal of 200m2/day capacity.
The main water line was connected to the port with capacity up to 1000m2/day
Address Port Said, Intersection of Mostafa Kamel and Azmy Streets the Port Authority Read quarters.
Telephone 066/3230836 - 3230826 - 3230821 - 3230813 - 3230822
Radar Bridge Suez Canal Authority
Radar Terminal Suez Canal Authority
Pilotage Terminal Suez Canal Authority
Maritime Terminal Suez Canal Authority

Safina Port Said Office:

Address: El Nahda St.
Freepore Building, 4th Floor,
Office No. 27, Port Said.
Tel: +20663349143
Fax: +20663349143
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